circular charlotte

The necessity of a global shift from the current linear economy to a circular economy is urgent to mitigate further climate effects. Further, it is incumbent upon cities to lead this charge when larger governing bodies will not facilitate this large-scale transition.

The City of Charlotte will be the first US city to implement a circular goal and strategy. This will require participation from a broad array of stakeholders, including government buy-in and community support. To not address the problem of waste and its related emissions would mean not addressing the inherent inequalities and urgencies related to climate effects.

With the help of circular economy experts and consultants, Charlotte will become a circular city and serve as an example of best practices for other cities around the world. Charlotte has proven that it can employ effective public-private-plus partnerships to increase sustainability, resiliency, and quality of life. Transitioning to a circular economy, in combination with other sustainability initiatives, will continue pushing Charlotte toward becoming a global sustainable city. Though various barriers exist to implementing large transitions, the need for change is apparent, and Charlotte must continue to advance toward a circular economy goal.

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