a low carbon future
for the city of charlotte

By 2050 it is projected that a full two-thirds of humankind will live in urban areas. Under a “business as usual” scenario, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will increase dramatically as economic growth and GHG emissions have grown in parallel for at least 100 years.

Major reductions in GHG emissions will require comprehensive changes in how we live and move in urban areas, where most of world’s energy, materials, and products are consumed. It will also require a transformational change in the way we generate and use energy.

As a signatory to the Global Covenant of Mayor, the City of Charlotte joins thousands of cities and local governments with a shared commitment to a global climate solution and transitioning to a low emission, resilient society.

Envision Charlotte, in partnership with the City of Charlotte, is working hard to develop a sustainable energy action plan for the city that sets out an ambitious framework to guide and bring about this necessary transition and reduce carbon emissions, and ultimate establish a low carbon future for the City.

Envision Charlotte is working with Carbon Captured, Ltd. out of Manchester, UK, to utilize an internationally recognized approach to forming an emissions baseline, developing scenarios to reduce emissions, and setting a reduction strategy. Out of the scenario sessions, a range of policies will be developed that will be used as the basis of a strategic energy action plan (SEAP).

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